Last Updated: August 11th, 2018


Article I – Name and Purpose of Organization

Section I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the The Black Graduate Student Association, hereinafter referred to as “BGSA”. BGSA is a graduate student organization at North Carolina State University and is affiliated with The Graduate School.

Section II: Purpose

The purpose of BGSA is to create a network of support for Black Graduate and Professional Students.

Section III: Mission

NC State’s Black Graduate Student Association provides an environment that promotes positive cultural awareness, support and professional growth for Black Graduate and Professional Students.

Section IV: Goals

BGSA strives to foster inclusive professional and personal development opportunities for Black students; which will enhance and aid the overall fabric of civic engagement to include the academic and social elements of graduate students on the NC State campus and within the community. BGSA offers structured and informal opportunities for supportive mentorship, peer support, service learning, social capital, and professional growth. This organization will integrate the goals and visions of alumni, advisors, and current members who are dedicated to facilitating the enrichment of its’ culture. Furthermore, BGSA aims to offer outlets where members shall have opportunities to air grievances and concerns without fear of repercussion. Accordingly, the goals of the organization shall be:

  1. To provide a support system for Black students enrolled in graduate and professional programs.
  2. To serve as a networking organization for Black students and alumni.
  3. To collaborate with campus constituents to assure the creation and maintenance of an institutional environment – both within and outside the classroom – that fosters students’ full personal, academic, and professional development.
  4. To provide workshops, guest speakers, meetings, and other activities which may help the organization meet its purpose and objectives.
  5. To encourage a commitment and uphold members to excellence in the daily endeavors of fellow graduate students

Section III: Non-Discrimination Policy

BGSA recognizes that discrimination based upon race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation is in violation of federal and state law and North Carolina State University policy, and will not be tolerated.

Article II – Membership and Membership Dues

Section I: Definition of Membership

A voting member of BGSA must be enrolled as a masters, doctoral, or professional student at North Carolina State University and actively working towards degree completion.

Section II: Procedures for Becoming a Member

  1. Membership is open to masters, doctoral, and professional students.
  2. Membership is contingent upon completion of the membership form.
  3. Payment of dues for the year is required for membership.

Section III: Membership Dues

Active (voting) membership shall be open to those students who qualify as associate members, and who, in addition, pay an annual assessment to be fixed by the Black Graduate and Professional students at the first meeting of the academic year.

Dues shall be established annually by the Executive Committee. The Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) is committed to promoting good will throughout the university and does not discriminate against any student based on race, color, national origin, religion, sexual preference, sex, creed, or handicap.

In the event this organization becomes inactive, any monies left in the treasury, after all outstanding debts and claims have been paid, will be donated to a non-profit organization.

Article III – Executive Board Leadership

Section I: Offices

The elective officers shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Chair, and Co-Chairs of Community Affairs/Special Events, Finance/Fundraising, and Communications, as well as others if deemed necessary.

Section II: Qualifications

Only voting members of the BGSA shall have the right to hold office or represent the association in any official capacity. Furthermore the student must:

  1. Be enrolled as a full time graduate or professional student.
  2. Not be on university disciplinary or scholastic probation.
  3. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

Section III: Descriptive Characteristics: President and Vice President

The President and Vice President should possess and commit to the following:

  1. Be willing and committed to leading the group in a positive, empowering, and creative way.
  2. Be timely and organized with facilitating business meetings and event planning. 
  3. Have an effective level of interpersonal competence, particularly in working with graduate students and faculty. 
  4. Be comfortable with representing the board and the college at public functions in an articulate and engaging way. 
  5. Other characteristics of effective BGSA Leadership: Exhibit patience, initiative, communication, listening skills, facilitation skills, and relationship building abilities.

Section IV: Official Duties of BGSA President

  1. The President shall act as the official spokesperson for BGSA and maintain final authority on issues relevant to the BGSA (along with staff advisor), until these issues can be brought to the attention of the BGSA.  If immediate action on an issue is necessary, the President shall solicit assistance from the Vice President and other Executive Board members.
  2. The President shall be responsible for calling meetings of BGSA, establishing the agenda for said meetings, and presiding over the meetings of BGSA. The President shall vote during such meetings only in the event of a tie.
  3. The President shall serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member of all committees of BGSA.
  4. The President shall ensure that action is taken on all decisions and resolutions of BGSA.
  5. The President shall co-manage the BGSA budget with the assistance of the Treasurer.
  6. The President shall give oversight to events and activities sponsored by BGSA.
  7. The President shall serve as a liaison for graduate students through the establishment of positive, collaborative relationships with the University administration, graduate departments, student organizations and graduate student community.
  8. Be willing to meet with staff advisor(s) on a consistent basis to ensure adequate planning and leadership guidance. 

Section V: Official Duties of Vice President

  1. The Vice President shall assist the President with his/her aforementioned duties
  2. Shall discharge the duties of the President in the President’s absence and assume the duties of the President in the event the position becomes vacant.
  3. The Vice President shall serve as the overseer and the point of contact for all BGSA committees.
  4. The Vice President shall serve as a liaison for graduate students through the establishment of positive, collaborative relationships with the University administration, graduate departments, student organizations and graduate student community
  5. Serves as the chairperson of the Community Affairs/Special Events Committee.

Section VI: Official Duties of Secretary

  1. Maintain records of BGSA including minutes, attendance reports, programming reports and correspondence
  2. Distribute materials to the appropriate students, faculty, administration, staff, etc.
  3. Send out reminders or updates to members and other appropriate students, faculty, administration, staff, etc. as deemed necessary.
  4. Oversee communication within the organization, including contact lists, email lists, etc.
  5. Oversee intake process of member applications

Section VII: Official Duties of Treasurer

  1. Shall receive all monies of the organization and promptly deposit it in the BGSA bank account. In addition, he/she will make authorized disbursements on requisitions signed by the treasurer and countersigned by the President. Each requisition shall cite the amount and purpose of the payment requested. Any requisition of $50.00 or more must be approved by the Executive Committee at a regular meeting, or whenever required by either body, covering the financial condition of the organization showing receipts and disbursements and outstanding accounts unpaid since the last report.
  2. Submit a report annually of the business of the organization to the BGSA, to which shall be appended a statement signed by the President and secretary that all funds have been listed in the treasurer’s report.
  3. Shall collect the annual dues of each member with recording of date dues were paid.
  4. Serves as the chairperson of the Finance/Fundraising Committee.

Section VIII: Official Duties of Vice President of Communications

  1. Create and manage all social networks (Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and other marketing outlets (radio, newspapers, TV, and flyers/posters)
  2. Coordinate all marketing efforts of the Board.
  3. Liaison to Dean’s Office and other University departments as deemed necessary.
  4. Serves as the chairperson of the Communications committee.

Section IX: Official Duties of the Community Affairs/Special Events, Finance/Fundraising, Communications Co-Chairs

  1. Support the Chairs of Community Affairs/Special Events, Finance/Fundraising, and Communications in duties as assigned.

Section X : Office Term

Each officer may hold their respective position for up to two academic years to be served consecutively. If a position has been held for two academic years, the member cannot hold another leadership position during their time served in the organization.

Section XI: Leadership nominations

Nominations for vacant leadership positions will be solicited during the Spring semester with new term beginning in the following Fall semester. Nominations will remain open for one week. The following information must be provided for a complete nomination:

  • Nominee name
  • Position nominated for
  • Rationale behind nomination

Section XII: Leadership elections

The elections process will occur in a two-day voting window in April. The nominees with the simple majority votes per role will be elected to hold the newly elected office.

Article IV – Method of Removing Officers

Section I: Procedures for Removal

If an officer is not performing their duties, they will meet with the advisor to discuss the problem. If the problem persists, then the matter will be taken to Board leadership and discussed for further actions. Any additional, procedures will be performed with the latest version of Robert’s’ Rules of Order.

Article V – Meeting of the Organization: Required Meetings and Their Frequency

Section I: Monthly Meetings

The entire general body should meet on a monthly basis. Schedule changes regarding meeting dates, times, and locations will be communicated via email at least 48 hours in advance. For the Fall 2018 school year, meetings will take place on the first Friday of every month with the exception of October due to Fall Break. 

Section II: Emergency Meetings

Should an emergency meeting be called, at least 24 hours advance notice will be given to all necessary members of the meeting.

Article VI: Committees

Section I: Appointments

All committee chairpersons and members shall be appointed by the President and Vice President as needed.

Section II: Responsibilities

  1. The Communications Committee: Shall be responsible for opening the lines of communication between the BGSA and various university organizations. It shall also develop and distribute mass communication such as the BGSA newsletter.
  2. The Finance/Fundraising Committee: Shall be responsible for organizing events that will serve to raise funds for the organization’s general budget.
  3. The Community Affairs/Special Events Committee: Shall be responsible for organizing activities designed to stimulate community awareness. This committee shall also work with other university organizations to develop programs designed to enhance the university’s commitment to multiculturalism and  supervise social functions of the BGSA.

Article VII – Duties of Advisor

Section I:

The advisor of the BGSA shall perform the following duties:  

  1. The advisor(s) shall be chosen by the membership at a duly constituted meeting of the organization by majority vote.
  2. The faculty advisor(s) shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of the Executive Board.
  3. The advisor(s) shall give advice for the better performance of the organization.
  4. The advisor(s) shall serve at the discretion of the general membership.
  5. The advisor(s) shall be free to form relationship with resources on campus they deem beneficial to the organization.
  6. The advisor(s) shall act as the confidant of members and are obligated to take action for the betterment of the members.

ARTICLE VIII – Method of Amending Constitution: Proposals, notice, and voting requirement

  1. Amendments may be made to this constitution by a two-thirds majority vote of BGSA at any regular business meeting.
  2. Proposed amendments must be presented one meeting prior to its approval.

ARTICLE IX – Method of Dissolution of Organization

The organization will be dissolved if the following occur in tandem:

  1. Dean of the Graduate Schools makes a justifiable request to dissolve the organization,
  2. The advisor of the organization supports the justifiable request of the Dean,
  3. 100% vote of all current Executive Board members,
  4. and a forum held for all graduate students to voice their concerns.

At which time the Dean, Director, and Board will meet to formally dissolve the organization.